My thoughts on goalkeeping - the basics

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My thoughts on goalkeeping - the basics

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:16 am

I tend to have everyone play keeper on my teams. I coach mostly recreational soccer up to U12 and U14, so I have to give my kids rules for keeping each game, and the week of practice leading up to it.

So, I have three rules for my younger kids, say U8 and U10s:

1. Always use your hands. (Since not all kids feel that it is cheating to use their hands when they don't have to.)
2. Stand 2 big steps in front of the goal. (So if they drop a ball, they have some space to recover.)
3. When the ball pounces, you pounce. (If they bobble the ball, they have to get it it.)

I'll coach a U12 team next spring, and I've forgotten what my rules were the last time since I coached that age. What are a good couple of rules that are age appropriate?


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