6 versus 6 dribbling

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6 versus 6 dribbling

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:18 am

A candidate on my course had this topic and he delivered a good point I would use.

With any attacking topic, you are looking for the following key factors.

1. Retain posession
2. Movement to create space
3. Movement to exploit space
4. End product (ideally goal, but can go back to 1.)

With dribbling, you need to emphasis to dribble only when you are in a situation when you are not going to lose possesion (1) Attacking players need to move into space to carry out above.

Point three is what was demo'd as I was saying above.

Get players not on the ball to move to space to take defenders away from the player dribbling.

End with a shot on goal or good pass.

Key factors on the actual dribble

Small, agile steps
Use all parts of foot, preferably both feet.
Change of speed/acceleration


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