Warm down exercises for youngsters

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Warm down exercises for youngsters

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:25 am

I guess at a young age they dont really need it but it can be a wind down after a session or match. What i do with my under tens for a couple of matches is:

1. Form a circle around the lines of the centre circle with the coach on the penalty spot with a ball.
2. All jog on the spot and when i kick the ball turn and sprint for two seconds and then jog back to your spot.
3. All bob and weave on the spot and then when the ball is kicked turn and sprint as before.
4. repeat with various movements that are fun such as spinning around on the spot or disco dancing on the spot or irish dancing on the spot as well as normal warm up exercises as a variation.
5. Finish by mock shadow boxing or kung fu where they have to get the coach on to the floor.


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