Compact in defence

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Compact in defence

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:27 am

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Hi Ive got my Level 2 in a couple of weeks time and i am not to sure what to do or if i am going on the right direction. I intend to us 8 players (4V4) with one server. For the technique i was just going to have one floter pass the ball to the attacker while the defender goes to apply pressure but doesnt and his team mate gives support. For the skill i was going to make the defenders actually make the tackle and then continue with the game. For the game i want to use zones to run to instead of goals and i dont know what to say for the key points. Any help would be much appericated.


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Re: Compact in defence

Post by Adam D on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:29 am

I would just keep your key points simple and stick with the basic principals of defending:-

Deny and restrict space, reduce options, stay compact and squeeze as a unit.

In the game I would simply set up a game you are happy with (4 v 4 normal game with 2 keepers would be ample) and just watch the players of the team you are coaching, ensuring they work as a unit and stay tight (2 banks of 2), moving together depending on position of the opposition.

Things I would watch out for is one of the defenders getting drawn out of possition, one of the defenders staying put whilst the rest move as a group across to other side of pitch and when closing down the opposition are they minumising options etc. Step in and coach these points only when they happen, then get back out as quickly as possible.

Don''t feel you have to step in all of the time - remember you should coach the when and where not the technique in the game session.

Good luck

Adam D

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