Shooting - level 2 assessment

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Shooting - level 2 assessment

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:38 am

Can anyone help out with this query we have received?


I have my level 2 assessment in shooting coming up. If it was defending I'd be fine but I'm unsure how to get the skill side into the session. I was intending on having 2 servers, serve the ball into 2 people who are in a line and who take it in turns to shoot at goal - (is this ok?). Then i was going to do the same with a goalkeeper and possibly a defender for the skills pratcice - would this be ok as the assessor said this wouldnt be too good of an idea .

Any help / advice would be greatly asppreciated? Even if something else was suggested.

For the SSG I'd have 4v4 with 2 gk's and 2 servers in the one area behing the goal line to encourage more opportunities for shooting.

Thanks in advance (hopefully)


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Re: Shooting - level 2 assessment

Post by Fernando on Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:59 am

This will help with fitness + shooting

what i do when it comes to football training take 9 cones

Put a 7 a side goal out ( it doesn't matter what size really)

Take 6 cones and put 3 on each side about 2 foot from where the goal is

ill give a little picture

------------------- /------------------/ < goal

Man Here ----------------------------------------------------------- Man Here

Man Here----------------------------------------------------------- Man Here

Man Here------------------------------------------------------------- Man Here

place a man with a ball on each of these areas

take another 3 cones and make a little triangle

------------------------- < goal

Man--------------------------------------------- Man

Man---------------------------------------------- Man

man-------------------------------------------- Man

.......................... ----........---
................................. --- < Sorry for the louzy triangle

The guy shooting will start from here

What you now do is one at a time lay him off and let him shoot then he has to turn around and sprint round the triangle then come back and hit another shot keeping do this until he's shot every ball should take around 60 seconds a man but will require 100% effort

Hope it helps


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