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Positive Coaching Scotland

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About Positive Coaching Scotland

The Scottish FA in partnership with the Winning Scotland Foundation (www.winningscotlandfoundation.org) and sportscotland has embraced the Positive Coaching Scotland Programme (PCS) which recognises that major challenges exist in modern day grassroots football and aims to address these through a change in culture. The mission of PCS is simple – to recognise that through football young people learn valuable life lessons. It challenges the ‘win at all costs’ mentality and focuses on learning, respect, responsibility, effort and success.

Violence on the touchline, disrespect for officials, coaches focused on win at all costs, young people being parented from a professional sports perspective. Scotland faces a number of challenging cultural issues that are overflowing in youth football.

Together these factors are causing more and more young
people to drop out of football and miss out on the type of valuable life lessons that only sport delivers. Positive coaching was established to help reverse this trend.

By involving the whole community, PCS provides the tools and framework for a positive sporting experience by educating and encouraging positive attitude and behaviour among coaches, parents, club leaders and players.

The Scottish FA is integrating the PCS programme nationally into all strands of youth football including coach education, national player pathway, club development and community programmes. PCS delivery methods include printed materials, online resources and a series of interactice workshops run throughout the country.

Positive Coaching Scotland use 3 key principles;

Honour Our Game – Teaching all involved to Honour the rules, opponents, officials, teamates and self.

Redefine “Winning” - Learning to play, succeed and win through effort.

Fill the emotional tank – Building a young player’s self confidence, motivation and resilience.

Stewart Regan, Chief Executive of the Scottish FA explained why his organisation is embracing PCS:

"As Scotland’s largest sport, the Scottish FA, in partnership with Winning Scotland Foundation are leading the charge among sport’s governing bodies in promoting the need for cultural change in youth sport.

"One of the key aims of Positive Coaching Scotland is to encourage young footballers to ‘Honour our Game’ by embracing the true value of youth sport and creating a more positive environment with a focus on effort, learning and improved performance.

"Consequently, the Scottish FA welcomes this partnership and will aim to fully integrate and embed the ideas of PCS into our existing youth development structure."

The Positive Coaching Scotland programme aims to ensure that no matter their role, everyone involved with football has a unique opportunity to inspire and influence the learning process of young footballers. There is a chance now to embed a legacy programme which can help create a more positive winning culture in Scotland, involving the whole community.

For further information,
Please contact Stuart Grieve (PCS Programme Manager) on 07944 962 061 or email Stuart.grieve@winningscotlandfoundation.org


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