Training Session Cycle of Development

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Training Session Cycle of Development

Post by Adam D on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:43 am

Courtesy of the Irish FA (FAI)-
The Training Session Cycle of Development

The Cycle of Development
The creation of a quality training environment to foster quality player development

Game --> Analysis ---> Training ----> Game

Evaluate performance of the players Identify problems

Review problems
Determine priorities

Develop/create the training session
Correct problems

Training Session Design Considerations

 Activities that are directional like the game
 Activities that are opposed or semi-opposed like the game
 Activities that are like the GAME!

“Make sure activities are realistic to the game!”

Training Session Content

 Does it look like football?
 Does the activity/practice bring out the elements of the game?
 Will the players understand where the practice fits into the game?
 Are the objectives for the players realistic?
 Are instructions clear and concise?

Training Session Delivery

Coach Considerations

 Allow the conditions of the game to coach the theme
 Coach at natural stoppages
 Coach in the flow of the game
 Coach individual players as game continues

Observe performance…don’t commentate on performance

Player Considerations

 Players need time for uninterrupted play
 Training session needs to establish a rhythm of play which resembles game tempo
 Players need to have a chance to solve problems on their own(Guided Discovery)
 Players need to be exposed to same, quality training activities often…repetition

Guided Discovery – what is it?

• Coach – Player Connection
• Combination of information and questions
• Guiding the players to an understanding
• Empowerment for the players
• Allow players time to think and then answer
• Questions that cannot be answered Yes or No (Open questions)
• WHY, HOW, WHEN are a good starting point

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”

Things to Avoid

 Excessive coaching…over-coaching
 Incorrect or inappropriate activities
 Activities that are unrealistic
 Training sessions that don’t flow and are frustrating

Final thoughts

 Find ways to make the training environment competitive
 Repeat the same game-like activities often…repetition
 Demand technical precision from your players
 Hold players accountable for their decisions on the field
 Keep the session flowing
 Make it FUN…It is a game after all!

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