Phase 3 – The Training to Train Phase

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Phase 3 – The Training to Train Phase

Post by Adam D on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:51 am

Age: Males 12 to 16/Females 11 to 15 Years

The main objective of this phase is to consolidate basic football skills, introduce the basic elements of tactics and to address the two critical periods of physical development namely the aerobic base and strength of players. It should be noted that both aerobic and strength trainability is dependent on maturation levels and not solely chronological age.

The Training to Train Phase - Technical

Individualisation of skills training to address strengths and weaknesses
Consistency in performing skills/techniques: passing, dribbling, controlling
Perform skills under competitive conditions
Develop techniques through tactical links
Positional awareness in relation to ball and opposition
Passing/Possession, higher levels of ball control
1v1 dribbling technique

The Training to Train Phase - Tactical

Undergo the early stages of tactical preparation
Implement basic team principles and positions and team shape
Support, showing for the ball, movement off the ball, timing of runs and angles of receiving
Play effectively in SSG: 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7 games (in training)
Play the full 11v11 game
Implement more advanced concepts of attack/defence
Play in different positions
Understand the rules of the game
Use of space/run into space effectively
Read and understand the game
Display an awareness of opposition
Implement concepts of width and depth

The Training to Train Phase - Physical

Emphasis on general and balanced physical conditioning
Aerobic training prioritised after the onset of Peak Height Velocity (PHV)
Strength training prioritised in females after PHV and with the onset of menarche
Strength training prioritised in males 12-18 months after PHV
Shoulder, elbow, core, spine and ankle stability
Flexibility training
Frequent musculoskeletal evaluations during PHV
Good body posture
Soccer specific physical conditioning e.g. stamina, speed, strength, suppleness, skill
Knows how to train different components of fitness

The Training to Train Phase - Mental

Goal setting (short and medium term)
Imagery (practicing and improving technique and self-confidence)
Relaxation (deep breathing)
Patience and control
Continued positive reinforcement
Basic anxiety control
Focusing, self-talk and verbal cues
Balanced and winning mentality

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