Phase 4 – The Training to Compete Phase

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Phase 4 – The Training to Compete Phase

Post by Adam D on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:52 am

Age: Males 16 to 18/Females 15 to 17 years

The main objective of this phase is to optimise fitness preparation and soccer, individual and position-specific skills as well as performance. More advanced tactical elements of the game are introduced. During this phase, high intensity individual, and position-specific training is provided to players. Soccer specific skills are performed under a variety of competitive conditions during training. Special emphasis is placed on optimum preparation by modelling training and competition.

The Training to Compete Phase - Technical

Proficiency in basic soccer skills
Soccer-specific technical playing skills under competitive conditions at high intensity
Individualisation of skills: ‘personal style'
Consistency and control
Competition-simulation training

The Training to Compete Phase - Tactical

More advanced team play and principles in the full game
Carry out effective set-piece play
Implement different attacking styles
Individual specific role within team
Awareness of new styles/systems/plays
Develop a winning mentality and implement ‘winning tactics'
Ability to link to players/units of team movement on/off the ball
Play in 11v11 format
Develop individual strengths within confines of team style
Ability to read the game
Awareness of opponent's tactics, strengths and weaknesses
Event- and position-specific tactical preparation
Principles of attack and defence
Ability to plan and assess competition
Adaptation to different situations
Observe and adapt to opponents
Detailed systems of play: strategies
Clarity of team shape and role within the team
Ability to deal with tactical problems
Awareness of variations in systems/styles
Reading the game (SWOT analysis)
Plan and assess competition and prioritise
Playing training game: working in SSG up to 11v11

The Training to Compete Phase - Physical

Football-, position- and individual-specific intensive physical conditioning
Shoulder, elbow, core, spine and ankle stability
Optimum preparation: tapering and peaking
Individualisation of physical capacities to address strengths and weaknesses
Dealing with environmental influence

The Training to Compete Phase - Mental

Personal responsibility and involvement in decision-making
Focus and thought control - self-talk/verbal cues (dealing with distractions and negative thoughts)
Goal setting (long term)
Performance routines and pre-competition preparation
Imagery (competition, different situations/problems, practising strategies)
Anxiety control and relaxation (Progressive Muscle Relaxation, hypnosis)
Performance routines and pre-competition preparation
Basic re-focusing

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