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Post by Admin on Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:21 pm


Use the golden rule, "Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

All members, including Moderators and Admins, must follow these simple rules when using the forums: -

1) Follow the Golden Rule and treat others as you would like to be treated!

2) No racism, sexism, homophobic or otherwise vulgar language will be tolerated. The Admins do not care if it does not offend you and/or your friends. No bullying and/or discrimination will be tolerated, that includes: Race, Religion, Sex, Age, Cultural Background, Sexual Orientation. Use of foul language, discrimination and derogatory comments are not acceptable and are subject to Admin disciplinary action. It is up to the Admin to decide what is or is not acceptable in regards to defamation, discrimination and spamming.

3) No verbal abuse. Doing so violates rule #1 above.

4) Listen to the Moderators and/or Admins and follow their instructions. The Moderators/Admins are here to help the community that you are part of. Do what they say and if you have a complaint, report it in a civil manner via a PM. Disobeying a Moderator or Admin can result in you being disciplined by the Admins, up to and including being kicked from the site or temporarily/permanently being banned. We have a thread to lodge complaints, so use it, or the "Alert A Moderator" feature and keep it out of articles.

5) Please watch your language – what you regard as harmless may offend others. Would you want your younger brother/sister/cousin being exposed to the kind of language you're using? Keep it clean. When you get upset; take a breather before expressing your feelings on the site and please refrain from swearing.

6) No advertising of other sites that include forums – failure to comply may result in temporary or permanent ban from this site. It is our decision on if we believe the mention of another site is deemed to be advertising.

7) Do not post anything that promotes illegal activity.

Our general policy in regards to breaking the rules is: Warn, Day-Ban, Perm Ban. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may be insta-day-banned (remember rule #2.) Furthermore, repetitive bad behaviour can result in a perm ban, whether it’s twice or 10 times, it is up to the Admins.

Other rules:

• Post in English. If you wish to post in a language other than English, a translation to English is required.

• If your post is deemed illegible because it is done in l33t speak, sTiCkY CaPs, uses excessive punctuation, unnecessary formatting (inappropriate size and color), or contains excessive typing errors/abbreviations, you will be asked to retype your post in a more readable manner.

• Try not to double post or bump threads.

• Do not reveal personal details about other posters.

• Do not post duplicate threads. Do a search of the forums before posting a thread to ensure it is not a duplicate of another established thread.

• Necro-Posting (Reviving old threads) is allowed, as long as there is something relevant or constructive to add to the thread.

• Do not spam. This includes posts that are irrelevant to the thread topic (off-topic), duplicate posts, flames/inflammatory posts and non-English posts.

• Posts that contain only a link and no description are considered spam. You must give a brief summary or description of the website linked.

• No adult content is allowed. This includes sites containing excessive vulgarity and pornographic content. All content must be appropriate for users thirteen and up.

• Do not quote an entire post and reply to it with “I agree” or something similar that does not add constructively to the conversation.

• Do not advertise your site within posts without prior permission from an Admin.

Personal Messages (PM)

• Do not threaten, harass or insult another user via PM.
• Do not advertise via PM.
• Do not spam users with PM's.


This site wishes to keep swearing to a minimum and as a result there is a filter in place that replaces known swear words with 'alternatives'. Do not try to bypass the filter by using alternative words or asterisks in place of letters. Consistent abuse of this shall result in temporary or full bans.


• All forum rules apply to the Chatbox. There is not a swear filter in the Chatbox but we do monitor the language being used and will warn/ban those that are excessive.


• Excessive rule-breaking will result in appropriate punishment. This may include loss of posting privileges, deletion or editing of posts, suspension, being put on a moderation queue, or a ban.

• Evading punishment may result in an IP ban.

• Serious infractions may result in a ban/IP ban without prior notice to the user.

• Users are encouraged to report any and all infractions to members of staff. In the case of PM's, a copy or screenshot of the PM must be sent to a member of staff to ensure validity of the report.

Staff Rights

• If instructed by staff to do something, you are to comply. Failure to comply with Moderator or Admin instructions will result in punishment.

• In the absence of a specific rule concerning a topic not covered above, members of staff have the right and responsibility to judge the situation and act accordingly.

• These rules are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand these rules before participating in the forum.

Site Disclaimer

Any comments placed on the forum are solely the opinions of the individual and not that of the forum itself.


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