Phase 5 – The Training to Win Phase

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Phase 5 – The Training to Win Phase

Post by Adam D on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:54 am

Age: Males 18yrs and older/Females 17 yrs and older

This final phase of player preparation aims to maximise fitness preparation and football, individual and position specific skills as well as performance. All of the player's capacities are now fully established and players are trained to peak for major competitions. Training is characterised by high intensity and relatively high volume with frequent periods of rest.

The Training to Win Phase - Technical

Complete refinement of soccer specific skills
Event-/competition-specific training skills are automatic/second nature
Ability to improvise with skills
Further development and refinement of soccer specific skills
‘Automatic' and consistent performance of soccer specific skills

The Training to Win Phase - Tactical

Develop effective competition strategies
Adapt strategies to situation
Model all possible aspects of performance in training
Play to strengths, exploit weaknesses of opponents
Clarity of team shape and roles within
Varying trends in the modern international tournaments
Maximise on National and European competition opportunities
Adapting to climatic conditions e.g. extreme heat & cold, in both training and playing
SWOT analysis (individual and team)
Successful tactics and strategies and necessary variation needed to winning ways
The importance/variation/options of set-pieces in attack/defence

The Training to Win Phase - Physical

Maintenance of physical capacities with a view to maximising performance
Shoulder, elbow, core, spine and ankle stability
All physical fitness aspects individualised
Frequent prophylactic (preventative) breaks
Maintenance and possible improvement of physical capacities
The Training to Win Phase - Mental
Independent decision-making
Capable of teamwork and taking advice
Well-developed, refined and individualised mental skills and routines
Refocusing plans/coping strategies
Will to win/drive
Full range of mental skills (4 C's)

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