Phase 1 training

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Phase 1 training

Post by Adam D on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:49 am

Age: Males 6 to 9/Females 6 to 8 years

The main objective of this phase is to learn all the fundamental movement skills using a well-structured, positive and fun approach. Soccer skills should be introduced, with an emphasis on fun, skill development and small-sided games.
Appropriate and correct running, jumping and throwing techniques are taught using the ABC's of athletics. Participation in as many sports as possible is encouraged. The development of these fundamental movement skills will contribute significantly to future at achievements.

Fundamental - Technical

Basic motor skills: proper running, jumping and throwing technique
Modified skills of different sports
Knowledge of the basics of equipment
Use of appropriate footwear and clothing
Introduction to basic football skills with the ball

Fundamental - Tactical

Fundamental skills progressively refined, combined & elaborated upon to more sport specific skills.
Willingness and knowledge of how to practise skills.
Soccer specific skills: dribbling, shooting, passing, controlling.
Combination of skills in game related activities.

Fundamental - Physical

General overall development and mobility
Running, jumping, throwing
Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Speed (ABCs)
Develop speed, power and endurance through FUN games
Develop linear, lateral and multi-directional speed
Medicine ball, Swiss ball and own-body exercises for strength

Basic body awareness - Stage 1

Fundamental - Mental
Positive attitude to sport
Achieve success and receive positive reinforcement
Enjoy the game
Be part of the group

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