Phase 2 – The Learning to Train Phase

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Phase 2 – The Learning to Train Phase

Post by Adam D on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:50 am

Age: Males 9 to 12/Females 8 to 11 years

The main objective of this phase is to learn the specific football skills in conjunction with FUNdamental skills from a range of other sports. These skills form the cornerstone of all player development. An emphasis on technical development should be a key part of this phase, with the 7 v 7 game being introduced, progressing to 9 v 9.

The Learning to Train Phase - Technical

Fundamental skills progressively refined, combined and elaborated upon to more sport specific skills.
Willingness and knowledge of how to practice skills
Football specific skills; dribbling, shooting, passing, controlling
Combination of skills in game related activities

The Learning to Train Phase - Tactical

Play modified and small-sided games
Implement key game principles
Play small sided games: 9v9, 7v7, 5v5, 3v5 etc (spatial awareness: pass and move)
Implement defence and attack principles in SSG
Introduction to positional awareness in a variety of positions
Perform basic set pieces e.g. foul throw, free kicks
Know rules in relation to free kicks and offside

The Learning to Train Phase - Physical

Continue to develop ABCs
Continue to develop speed, power and endurance through fun games
Medicine ball, Swiss ball and own-body exercises for strength as well as hopping-bounding exercises
Basic flexibility exercises
Warm-up and stretching

Basic body awareness - Stage 2

Shoulder, elbow, core, spine and ankle stability
The Learning to Train Phase - Mental
Introduction to mental preparation
Understanding of the role of practice
Achieve success and receive positive reinforcement
Goal setting (short term)

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